Orange juice recipes for kids and kids at heart


Orange juice recipes for kids and kids at heart

Orange juice recipes for kids are some of the most popular juice recipes. Most kids love fresh orange juice. Chances are, they’ll love these orange + other fruit versions too. Try these for the little ones.

If you are worried about the juices being too strong, be sure to follow the guidelines for juicing for children.

One important note: Be sure to peel the oranges first as the contain an oil that is indigestible by our bodies, and especially our kiddos!

The orange juice recipes for kids

Plain Orange Juice

2 oranges

1 cup of water 

Peel the oranges and juice. Add one cup of water if desired. 

Orange Pineapple Raspberry

1 orange

1 1inch thick pineapple round 

½ cup of raspberries 

Peel the orange, prep the pineapple and wash the raspberries. Juice all ingredients together and serve.

Pineapple Orange

1- 1 inch thick pineapple round

1 orange 

½ lemon 

Peel the orange, and cut the lemon (leaving the peel on is okay). Prep the pineapple by removing the outside skin. Juice all ingredients together and serve. 

Grapefruit Orange Strawberry

Despite grapefruit’s sour taste, this seems to be a favorite!

¼ pink grapefruit 

1 orange 

6 strawberries 

Peel the grapefruit and cut about ¼ for juicing. Peel the orange, and wash the strawberries (green tops are okay to juice. Process through the juicer and serve. 

Grape Orange Kiwi

1 bunch of green grapes, 1 to 2 cups

3 kiwis 

1 orange 

Peel the orange, try to remove the skin from the kiwi(if you can’t that’s okay too) and wash the grapes. Juice all ingredients together and serve. 

Orange Lime Juice

1 orange

½ lime (peel ok) 

½ cup of sparkling water 

Peel the orange and cut the lime. Juice together and add the juice to a glass with sparking mineral water. Serve.

Peach Orange

1 peach

1 orange 

½ cup of water 

De-pit the peach (leave skin on). Peel the orange, and juice both together. Add the juice with the water to a glass and serve. 

Apple Orange

2 apples

1 orange 

Core the apples and peel the orange. Juice together and serve. 

Orange Carrot with a Twist

No one should notice the celery in this drink. Celery has a very neutral, watery taste and can be added to almost any juice undetected. It’s also a gentle and alkalizing juice.

2 oranges 

1 apple 

3 carrots 

1 stick of celery 

Core the apple. Peel the orange and prep the carrots/celery by cutting into smaller pieces. Juice all ingredients together and serve. 

Plain Orange Carrot

A popular bright orange colored juice. Good way to get high doses of vitamin C and calcium into little bodies.

2 oranges 

4 carrots 

Peel the oranges and cut the carrots into smaller pieces for juicing. Juice together and add over ice or dilute with a little bit of water. 

Orange Tangerine

2 oranges

3 tangerines 

Peel the oranges and tangerines. Juice together and serve immediately. 

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